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USB Recording

USB Recording

ATOM-USB - Multi-Channel USB Recorder

The ATOM–USB can record up to five individual 3G/HD/SD–SDI video signals on up to five separate USB storage drives for a multitude of broadcast and audio visual applications. This high quality, professional series of devices is quick, efficient, simple to operate, and stores HD video and embedded audio onto standard "off–the–shelf" USB storage drives.

ATOM-Box - Compact USB Recorder and Streaming Encoder

The ATOM–Box is a versatile USB recorder and streaming encoder in a compact form factor. Designed for multiple AV applications it allows low cost recording of sport, studio productions, compliance video, and music on to a USB drive as H.264 encoded MPEG–4 files. These files can be played back on virtually any computer, mobile device, and modern smart TVs, making this file format an almost universal playback medium.