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MMA10G-SFP Series

10GE Optical SFP+ Transceivers

MMA10G-SFP Series

10GE Optical SFP+ Transceivers

Key Features

  • Small form factor pluggable 10GE optical transceiver
  • Fully 802.3ae compliant SFP+ optical modules
  • Single-mode (10GBASE-LR) and multi-mode (10GBASE-SR) options available
  • Up to 10 km of total distance using single-mode fiber
  • Installable in all MMA-10G gateways and switch fabric

Download the MMA10G-SFP datasheet

Simple Plug and Play Technology

EvertzAV offers two different types of 10GE fiber SFP+ transceivers: a lower cost multi-mode SFP for short distance fiber deployments and a longer range single-mode SFP. All EvertzAV's MMA-10G products with 10GE ports support both types of SFP+ transceivers. Simply install the SFP+ module required dependent on the fiber plant constructed.


EvertzAV's MMA10G-SFP transceivers meet the IEEE 802.3ae standards for 10GBASE-SR (850nm) and 10GBASE-LR (1310nm) transceiver modules. MMA10G-SFP transceivers can be reliably deployed in accordance to the IEEE 802.3ae standard for worryfree operation. To obtain more technical details regarding the IEEE 802.3ae standard, please refer to the IEEE 802.3ae-related information available online.

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Ordering Options and Guidelines for Validating a 10G Fiber Plant

Minimal fiber link engineering is required. Use the following ordering options as a guideline to ensure a trouble-free deployment:

Standard 10GBASE-SR 10GBASE-LR
Wave Length 850nm 1310nm
Fiber Multi-mode, 50/125 (reference OM4, G.651.1) Single-mode, 9/125 (reference ITU-T G.652)
Fiber Cable Connector LC/LC, UPC (blue connector) LC/LC, UPC (blue connector)
Maximum Channel Insertion Loss* 2.6dB 6.2dB
Maximum Fiber Distance 300m 10Km

* Channel Insertion Loss = sum of connectors + fiber + splice attenuation. An OTDR can be used to validate channel insertion loss of a fiber path.