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EV-ENCS-4K-1 - 4K H.264 Media Encoder

The EvertzAV EV-ENCS-4K-1 4K H.264 encoder is a live streaming media encoder that interfaces with HDMI signals to deliver media over IP networks. The EV-ENCS-4K-1 encoder can be used with the EvertzAV 4K H.264 EV-DECS-4K-1 decoder (or a third-party decoder) to provide complete end-to-end streaming systems. It features one HDMI input and one Ethernet output for simplified integration into AV systems.

EV-DECS-4K-1 - 4K H.264 Media Decoder

The EvertzAV EV-DECS-4K-1 4K H.264 media decoder is designed to interoperate with the EvertzAV 4K H.264 encoder, the EV-ENCS-4K-1, to provide a complete end-to-end streaming-media transmission system. With the EV-DECS-4K-1 decoder and matching EV-ENCS-4K-1 encoder, you can easily build a robust system that allows for the delivery of A/V signals over a LAN or WAN.