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AV Operations Center - Network Management System


AV Operations Center - Network Management System

Key Features

  • Manages and controls MMA-10G platform
  • Provides graphical representation of enterprise AV deployments
  • Provides an efficient control interface to assist support personnel
  • Actively monitors and alarms equipment in the enterprise
  • Works with both EvertzAV and third-party products
  • Solution integrates with MMA-10G for automation

Download the VLPRO-AVOC-NMS datasheet

Evertz' VistaLINK PRO is an advanced end-to-end NMS (Network Management System) for the professional AV industry that provides a single interface to manage and monitor the entire operational ecosystem. Leveraging VistaLINK PRO's comprehensive feature set and versatile functionality, EvertzAV's VLPRO- AVOC-NMS solution is a specially designed monitoring and control solution for organizations that desire a centrally managed AV operations center. A centralized operations center is an effective way to ensure rapid support. VLPRO-AVOC-NMS allows enterprises to:

  • Interconnect AV over the enterprise to see into each space remotely.
  • Utilize tools to streamline support and capture faults.
  • Gather and review analytics to plan for the future.

VLPRO-AVOC-NMS Configuration

The VLPRO-AVOC-NMS solution consists of two main components:

  • Support Operator Stations (Minimum 1):
    • Intended to deep dive into resolving room issues.
    • Utilizes VLPRO Graphics – AVOCE support tool.
    • Confidence monitor to work on specific room.
    • One or more stations can be used depending on the size of the organization.
  • Overview Video Wall (Optional):
    • Provides an overview of the entire system.
    • Provides generic information for all support personnel.
    • Can include video from rooms, VistaLINK PRO, or other sources.

Integrate a Video Wall for a More Robust Solution

Video walls can be incorporated into the VLPRO-AVOC-NMS solution to provide overview information and can be tailored in any number of ways to suit the requirement of your operations center.

Product Images

Navigation Pane

Provides navigation to rooms in the enterprise

Active Operation Pane

Provides relevant tools for managing space

Multiviewer Confidence Monitor

Provides live video feeds of sources and destinations

Ordering Information

Packaged VLPRO-PLUS system for AV projects, which includes:
  • VLPRO-PLUS: VistaLINK PRO PLUS SNMP alarm monitoring, with customizable graphics mapping support and module configuration application software (for 1 client station with 1 year maintenance support)
  • +SCH: VistaLINK PRO automated configuration, scripting and scheduling application software option
  • +RSERV: Redundant VistaLINK PRO server
  • +WSAPI: Web Service Programmers API for XML/SOAP
  • +TBD: Third-party TRAP monitoring option
  • Statement of work creation
  • Graphical overview main page with room/service selection grid and master alarm log
  • All room services created and organized by building/floor in navigation tree
  • All appropriate equipment added to service containers