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MMA10G-IPX Series

High Bandwidth 10GE Switch Fabric

MMA10G-IPX Series

High Bandwidth 10GE Switch Fabric

Key Features

  • Purpose-built high-bandwidth 10GE switch fabric
  • Range of port options from 16 up to 128 in compact form factor
  • Hot swappable component for easy maintenance without re-cabling
  • Line rate bi-direction 10Gbs on every port per port at same time
  • Secure integrated control via MAGNUM-AV
  • NIAP listed and Common Criteria certified models available

Download the MMA10G-IPX-16/32/64 datasheet Download the MMA10G-IPX-128 datasheet

The MMA10G-IPX series is available in four sizes: 16, 32, 64, and 128 port models. The MMA10G-IPX offers unmatched switch fabric bandwidth with up to 2.4Tb/s data throughput.

The MMA10G-IPX 10GE switch fabric has been developed for high bandwidth, low latency AV routing with deterministic control, essential for routing high resolution video and audio.

Simple and Secure Networking

The MMA10G-IPX provides secure, worry-free networking with configurable access via MAGNUM. Only authorized devices and traffic are permitted on the network using MAGNUM‘s access control. The MMA10G-IPX has been tailored to support video and audio transport traffic removing many network protocols, the MMA10G-IPX will not perpetuate unwanted network traffic without consent from the MAGNUM controller.


NIAP Listed and Common Criteria Certified

EvertzAV's MMA10G-IPX is available as a National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) listed and Common Criteria certified series of products. The evaluation for the MMA10G-IPX, was carried out in accordance with the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS). The criteria against which the MMA10G-IPX was evaluated are described in the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, Version 3.1 Rev 4. For more information about NIAP and Common Criteria certification, visit the NIAP Common Criteria websites.

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Fully integrated with Evertz' MAGNUM-AV Controller

Traditional control surfaces such as graphical user interfaces and hard button panels can all be used to control the MMA-10G network infrastructure.


True Wire Rate 10Gbps Ethernet Ports

Using 10Gbps Ethernet ports the MMA10G-IPX offers true wire rate port speeds with zero contention at maximum bandwidth. The MMA10G-IPX-16/32/64 employs SFP+ technology and therefore can support either 10GE fiber, 10GE copper, or 1GE copper at each port. The MMA10G-IPX-128 employs QSFP+ technology whereby each QSFP port supports 40Gbps and a break out is used to obtain 4 x 10Gbps links per port. The MMA10G-IPX series of devices are hot swappable, which allows for the hardware to be replaced without having to re-cable, saving hours of downtime.

Product Images



MMA10G-IPX-16 MMA10G-IPX-32 MMA10G-IPX-64 MMA10G-IPX-128
Ports 16 10GE/1GE SFP+ ports 32 10GE/1GE SFP+ ports 64 10GE/1GE SFP+ ports 128 10GE/1GE SFP+ ports
Latency 2.5 µs 2.5 µs 2.5 µs 2.5 µs
Routable Multicasts 64 128 256 512
Control Protocols SNMP and Quartz / Synergy SNMP and Quartz / Synergy SNMP and Quartz / Synergy SNMP and Quartz / Synergy
Control Interface Ethernet control port via EMX-FC Ethernet control port via EMX-FC Ethernet control port via EMX-FC Ethernet control port via frame controller
Rack Units 1RU (EMX1-FR) 1RU (EMX1-FR) 3RU (EMX3-FR) 3RU
Number of Slots 2 slots 2 slots 4 slots 4 slots (ev6-FR)
Power 60 W 80 W 120 W 270 W

Ordering Information

MMA10G-IPX-16 16x10GE port switch fabric
MMA10G-IPX-32 32x10GE port switch fabric
MMA10G-IPX-64 64x10GE port switch fabric
MMA10G-IPX-128 128x10GbE port integrated switch fabric
Common Criteria
Certified Models
Contact your local sales representative for available models and purchasing options

Ordering Options

MMA10G-P25G16 License to enable 16x 25G ports on MMA10G-IPX-128
MMA10G-P25G32 License to enable 32x 25G ports on MMA10G-IPX-128
MMA10G-P25G48 License to enable 48x 25G ports on MMA10G-IPX-128
MMA10G-P25G64 License to enable 64x 25G ports on MMA10G-IPX-128

Available Accessories

EMX1-FR 1RU frame (2 slots), requires FC
+PS Redundant PS for EMX1-FR
EMX3-FR 3RU frame (5 slots), requires FC
+PS Redundant PS for EMX3-FR
EMX6-FR 6RU frame (15 slots), requires FC
EMX6-PS Redundant PS for EMX6-FR
EMX-FC Frame controller for all EMX frames
ev3-FR 3RU frame (5 slots), requires ev3-FC
ev3-FC Frame controller for ev3 frames
ev6-FR 6RU frame (15 slots), requires ev6-FC
ev6-FC Frame controller for ev6 frames
+PS Redundant PS for ev3-FR and ev6-FR