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Multi-Channel USB Recorder


Multi-Channel USB Recorder

Key Features

  • Auto-sensing HD or SD-SDI inputs with looping output
  • Up to 5x USB recordings per signal
  • Simple to use, one-press recording
  • Time remaining countdown display
  • High quality H.264 codec with MOV and MPEG-4 files
  • ATOM Stop — automatic end-of-drive warning
  • GUI for adjustable bit rate codec, 2-10 Mb/s
  • 1RU design with up to 5x USB drives
  • Compact with redundant power option

Download the ATOM-USB datasheet

The ATOM series is a comprehensive range of HD digital video recorders featuring integrated USB interfaces for external storage devices. Ideal for cost-effective, high quality applications, the ATOM series is suitable for TV production, sports, streaming, compliance recordings, security, aviation, medical. and houses of worship.

Quick, Efficient, and Simple to Operate

The ATOM-USB can record up to five individual 3G/HD/ SD-SDI video signals on up to five separate USB storage drives for a multitude of broadcast and audio visual applications. This high quality, professional series of devices is quick, efficient, simple to operate, and stores HD video and embedded audio onto standard "off-the-shelf" USB storage drives.

High-Quality H.264 Encoding Ensures Compatiblity with Most Modern Media Players

All video recordings are ready almost immediately, playable on any computer and most modern tablets and smart televisions. The H.264 encoded video files can be recorded in user–selectable bit rates up to 10Mb/s in MOV or MPEG–4 formats, ensuring high quality audio and video in a widely interoperable file format.

Product Images

ATOM-USB Front View
ATOM-USB Rear View


USB USB 2.0, high speed, >15 Mb/s sustained data rate
Codec H.264
Bitrate Preset for 5 Mb/s, user adjustable from 2-10Mb/s via Web UI
File Format MOV and MPEG–4 with AAC audio
Video Inputs (up to 5) 1x 3G/HD/SD–SDI with looping output
Control Ethernet 1x RJ-45
Power Input 10V–24VDC on 2.5mm connector with screw lock
Power Consumption 11-20W, subject to model
Case Finish Silver/Grey
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.3in x 1.7in x 13.8in (440mm x 44mm x 350mm)
Weight 2.86-4.41lbs (1.3–2.0kg, subject to model

Ordering Information

ATOM-USB1 Multi-channel USB recorder with 1 USB port
ATOM-USB2 Multi-channel USB recorder with 2 USB ports
ATOM-USB3 Multi-channel USB recorder with 3 USB ports
ATOM-USB4 Multi-channel USB recorder with 4 USB ports
ATOM-USB5 Multi-channel USB recorder with 5 USB ports

Available Accessories

ATOM-USB-PSU Redundant power supply AC to DC (12V DC)