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Room Control Made Simple

RoomIn5 - Room Controller

Room Control Made Simple

The Challenge

Room control has become very complicated to build, overwhelming to set up, and daunting to maintain. Ask yourself, does it need to be?

We don't think a degree in computer science should be required for setting up and controlling different elements in a room. Evertz believes that setting up and controlling a room should be as easy as flipping a light-switch.

Download the RoomIn5 datasheet

The Solution

Evertz has developed a simpler model that puts control back in the hands of the owner.

Evertz' RoomIn5 has removed the complexity out of building room control UIs and simplified control by implementing an intuitive touch-based drag and drop gesture system.

Achieve the Setup You Want in 5 Minutes

Fully Customizable

Powered by VUE (Evertz' modern, touch friendly, fully customizable control surface), RoomIn5 can be quickly tailored to suit your needs. Every room can be different. Simply open the widget tab and create layouts according to the features and devices located in your rooms.

Audio / Video Control

Environment Control


Unparalleled Interoperability

RoomIn5 offers a robust system that communicates effortlessly with your devices.

Centralize Your Enterprise

Have a large number of rooms and facilities? Unlock even more possibilities using MAGNUM - Evertz' reliable and secure control system.