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    The Ultimate Video Record & Playback Tool

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    EvertzAV introduces vScribe, a powerful new platform developed to meet the growing demands for mission critical live video capture. vScribe is a self contained solution that can simultaneously record multiple live video sources while maintaining time accurate logging of every frame of video. The video recorded using vScribe can be used to supply critical evidence of an event, as well as a video archive for keeping accurate historical records. vScribe is ideal for capturing and playing back live simulations, experiments, interviews and lectures.

    vScribe includes a suite of features to enhance the recording and logging of the video capture. vScribe allows for simple metadata tagging of the video, either during the live record or post recording.

    Take advantage of vScribe's built-in multi-window display capability, with a second screen for simple record organization. With simple record, tagging and playback controls vScribe provides an effective and efficient work environment for any user to perform professional video capture.

    Using vScribe's built-in transcoding and format conversion tool, the user can easily export and archive content using multiple codecs and video formats for delivery to any location. For fast and secure retrieval of data, the published media files can be stored on vScribe’s local archive or on network mountable storage.

    Unparalleled User Experience
    Intuitive Touch Interface

    vScribe offers an intuitive, customizable graphical user interface for fast and easy editing. The touch surface provides a modern user experience with drag and drop capabilities.

    Integrated Multiviewer

    The vScribe system features a built-in, fully customizable multiviewer for confidence monitoring. Easily configure and view your inputs and outputs. Add and modify smart labels that provide key information for your monitoring needs.

    A Fresh New Design

    Built on IP based open standards, vScribe is the most flexible and scalable record and playback system on the market today. With support for dual 1G and dual 10G, vScribe provides the ultimate networking experience that connects multiple users together to share and collaborate on content. Everything can be connected within the network enabling a federated database approach which powers the search engine.

    Built on Rugged Design

    vScribe features a modern UNIX based operating system leveraging solid state storage. vScribe provides ultimate redundancy, offering everything from redundant networking to redundant storage. For complete robustness, this compact device is available in a rugged chassis design built to military specifications.

    Integrated assessment capability

    Powerful web browser based UI allows any surface to become a powerful assessment interface. Enable multiple users to assess and provide feedback during recording from any tablet, smart phone and control surface. Take advantage of mobile tablets and smart phones, with no apps to install, getting started is simple and low maintenance. The web UI is easily customizable allowing the user to create tailored assessment layouts.

    • Web Browser Based

      vScribe's integrated web server enables any device with web browser capability to become an assessment surface.

    • Timeline Based Assessment

      vScribe logs all assessment feedback to the database, accurately logging at the time of assessment.

    • Simple Evaluation

      Following an assessment, review the content along with all logged metadata using vScribe's built-in streaming service. Review recorded video with selectable video angles and metadata information on a frame by frame basis.

    Fast. Secure. Connected.
    Lightning Fast Connections

    Play, move and edit any piece of content from anywhere on the vScribe network. Transfer content over integrated USB3, 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s interfaces to multiple locations simultaneously.

    Network Mountable Storage

    The vScribe's modern UNIX based operating system and web configuration tools make connecting to an external NAS quick and easy. Export to an external NAS using the 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s for lightning fast transfer speeds.

    • Solid State Storage

      vScribe leverages the latest in solid state technology enabling massive system scalability while increasing media transfer speeds and improving data storage robustness.

    • Local Archive

      vScribe's integrated near line archive provides fast, local storage for quick access to content without consuming continuous recording space.

    • Continuous Record

      vScribe's continuous record technology provides the security in knowing you will never run out of record space while protecting clips and other regions of interest.

    File Based Workflows
    Fully Integrated
    NLE Integration

    vScribe's file based workflow allows for seamless integration with all modern Non Linear Editing software such as Final Cut Pro, AVID and Adobe Premiere. This feature enables users to simply extract content, edit the video using one of the NLE's and bring it back into the vScribe system.

    Built-in Transcoding & Format Conversion

    vScribe's built-in transcoding engine supporting numerous codecs and file wrappers, can easily integrate into most file based workflows. Have multiple formats? No problem! vScribe's integrated conversion tools makes dealing with multiple formats a breeze.

    Multiple Export Profiles

    Export content to multiple locations, codecs and video formats simultaneously. For example, publish content for mobile delivery while simultaneously exporting in a different format and codec to your Non Linear Editing system.

    Extending Your Reach
    More control under your fingertips

    vScribe seamlessly integrates within the Evertz eco-system. Whether from the heads up display or controller, the user can route directly within the vScribe user interface eliminating the need for physical control panels. vScribe offers full integration with Evertz MMA, Video Walls and MAGNUM control all from within the vScribe user interface.

    MAM Integration

    vScribe fully integrates with Evertz' Media Asset Manager - Mediator, streamlining the entire workflow from capture to playout. Using advanced metadata and database search technology, vScribe can quickly find and transfer content to and from Mediator.

    It's All About Speed
    Fast Manipulation of Content

    vScribe has been developed with speed in mind. Every operational and workflow detail has been optimized to deliver the fastest capture, view, edit and playout experience possible.

  2. 400 Series
    Record Video Over IP
    Key Features
    • Supports capture of video over IP
    • Up to 2TB of robust solid state storage
    • Simultaneously capture multiple video streams via reliable 10Gb/s Ethernet interface
    • Capture multiple JPEG2000 / H.264 / MPEG2 streams
    • Built-in customizable multiviewer and operation screen
    • Tag video using metadata tagging feature through the customizable UI
    • Video and audio editing using the built-in timeline editor
    • A powerful API for integrated control by third party systems

    300 Series
    Record SDI/HDMI Video
    Key Features
    • Supports capture of up to 6 live video sources from any SDI or HDMI camera
    • Up to 2TB of robust storage
    • Synchronously capture multiple video inputs and write to disk, perfect for multi-camera angle configurations
    • Built-in customizable multiviewer and operation screen
    • Tag video using metadata tagging feature through the customizable UI
    • Edit video and audio using the built-in timeline editor
    • A powerful API for integrated control by third party systems

    100 Series
    Compact Streaming Recorder
    Key Features
    • Supports capture of video over IP
    • Streamlined for cost effective low bit rate video capture and record
    • Optional internal or external solid state storage (customer supplied)
    • Capture multiple MPEG2/H.264 videos (10Mbps or lower)
  3. Chassis

    VS 400 Series
    Compact 3RU design offered in Rugged and Non Rugged chassis
    1 or 2 TB internal solid state storage for continuous record (~24 or ~48 hours at 100Mb/s)
    Native record of TS to disk (no transcoding)
    Record up to 12x 100Mbps (JPEG200) transport streams simultaneously
    Record up to 40x 10Mbps (H.264) transport stream simultaneously
    2 x 10Gb/s Ethernet (video over IP network)
    2 x 1Gb/s Ethernet (control network)
    2 x USB 3.0 and 4x USB 2.0
    2x DVI outputs
    Redundant, hot swappable power supplies
    VS 300 Series
    Compact 3RU design offered
    8 x SDI DIN (configurable to be input/output)
    Support for 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    7 TB hot swappable extended storage configurable in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10
    2 x 1Gb/s Ethernet
    2 x 10Gb/s Ethernet
    2 x USB 3.0
    4 x USB 2.0
    2 x DVI outputs
    Redundant, hot swappable power supplies
    VS 100 Series
    Ultra compact miniature "cube" package
    Internal or external or combination of both storage options
    Native record of TS to disk (no transcoding)
    Record up to 8x 10Mbps transport streams simultaneously
    1 x 1Gb/s Ethernet (control network)
    2 x USB 2.0 ports
    1 x DVI output