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    Network Based AV Distribution

    The Evertz' MMA-10G is a network based AV distribution solution, constructed using Evertz' award winning SDVN (Software Defined Video Network) architecture. MMA-10G utilizes a highly reliable 10GE/100GE infrastructure for routing video and audio and offers unprecedented scalability and reliability.

    MMA-10G accepts any video source (PCs, tablets, cameras, servers) at any resolution (HD, Ultra HD and beyond) and delivers them seamlessly using an extremely robust network infrastructure to any destination. The solution allows for standard control data to reside on the same backbone as the AV data, eliminating the clutter of a secondary control network. This revolutionary approach reduces project costs and complexity and amplifies flexibility.

    MMA-10G AV distribution solution is an end to end solution offering networked transmit and receive gateways, powerful 10GE/100GE switch fabrics, and network enabled multi-window processors. To harness the power of this revolutionary new approach, the MMA-10G employs Evertz' award winning MAGNUM SDVN control system for straight forward management and configuration of the system via your desktop/laptop or mobile device.

    MMA-10G deploys a self-aware monitoring system built on SNMP to notify operations of any potential faults in the system. By simply adding Evertz' VistaLINK PRO SNMP management software, the entire system can be remotely monitored from a single point, reducing the overall cost of ownership and disruptive downtime.

    Any Source on Any Display...

    Evertz' MMA-10G AV distribution solution provides the scalability to meet all your project demands.

    Scalability Features:
    • Future-proof worry-free investment
    • Infinite scalability, not limited by switch size
    • Start with a single room and grow on demand
    • Versatile networked based approach allows multiple rooms to be interconnected
    Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

    Solving traditional AV challenges with a revolutionary new solution. Evertz' All-New Networked Based AV Distribution and Visualization solution targets multiple markets:

    • Government
    • Corporate communications
    • Higher Education
    • Medical / Simulation
    • Real time video conferencing
    • Digital signage
    • Casinos
    • House of Worship
    • Command & Control
    • Plus many more...
  2. Key Features

    • Software Defined Video Network
      Leading the IP Revolution

      Evertz' MMA-10G offers all the flexibility of a networked based solution with all the reliability of baseband video routing.

    • 10/100 Gigabit Ethernet
      Scalable Architecture

      MMA-10G takes full advantage of 10/100 Gigabit Ethernet, with unprecedented scalability.

    • Format Agnostic
      Compressed & Uncompressed

      The unique scalable architecture of the MMA-10G allows for any resolution and format to be routed and visualized.

    • Pooled Resources
      Deploy Services Fast & More Effciently

      MMA-10G allows resources to be shared more efficiently thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership in projects.

    • Deterministic Routing
      Simple SRC to DST Philosophy

      The MMA-10G is powered by Evertz' MAGNUM unified control system. Taking even the most complex configuration and making it very easy to use.

    • Orchestration & Control
      Flexible Reliable Control

      MMA-10G can be controlled from virtually any surface, offering a variety of options from hard control panels to third party touch surfaces.

  3. System Diagram

    MMA-10G deploys a self-aware monitoring system built on SNMP to notify operations of any potential faults in the system. By simply adding Evertz' VistaLINK PRO SNMP management software, the entire system can be remotely monitored from a single point, reducing the overall cost of ownership and disruptive downtime.

  4. Gateways
    • MMA10G-TXS-2: Standalone Dual Transmit Gateway

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      The MMA10G-TXS-2 standalone 10GE transmit gateway has two input paths which support VGA, HDMI, 3G-SDI and stereo audio and transmits them via a single high bandwidth 10GE network interface. Using 10Gbps Ethernet the MMA10G-TXS encapsulates and delivers high quality video and audio via the 10GE SFP+ interface.

    • MMA10G-RXS-2: Standalone Dual Receive Gateway

      PDF Data Sheet

      The MMA10G-RXS-2 is a standalone 10GE receive gateway with two output paths which support Display Port + HDMI/DVI via adapter, 3G-SDI and stereo audio received via a single high bandwidth 10GE network interface. Using 10Gbps Ethernet the MMA10G-RXS de-encapsulates video and audio and outputs them via it's high resolution Display Port Connector, supporting up to 1920x1200/60 on both outputs.

    • MMA10G-TRXS: Standalone Transceiver Gateway

      PDF Data Sheet

      The MMA10G-TRXS standalone 10GE transceiver gateway is a single device that can either be used as a receiver or a transmitter or both at the same time. Due to the bi-directional nature of 10GE the TRXS can be used to both send and receive HDMI, audio + data. The dual 10GE ports of the TRXS can be used to daisy chain more than one device together saving ports on the switch fabric.

    • MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2: Modular Dual KVM Transmit Gateway

      The MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2 modular 10GE KVM transmit gateway accepts up to two video inputs, audio and USB and transmits them over a 10GE interface. The KVM-TXM provides two HDMI inputs with two local loop out connections as well as USB2 which can be sent at full bandwidth over the 10GE interface via the USB type B connection. Unique to the Evertz MMA-10G series a local Ethernet port allows for Ethernet traffic to be delivered over the 10GE infrastructure. Read More...

    • MMA10G-KVM-RXS-2: Standalone Dual KVM Receive Gateway

      The MMA10G-KVM-RXS-2 standalone 10GE KVM receive gateway provides up to two video outputs, audio and 7-port USB HUB from its 10GE interface. The KVM-RXS provides two HDMI video outputs with audio plus discrete audio. Unique to the Evertz MMA-10G series a local Ethernet port allows for Ethernet traffic to be delivered over the 10GE infrastructure. Read More...

    • MMA10G-IPGM-6: Modular Bi-directional SDI Gateway

      PDF Data Sheet

      The MMA10G-IPGM-6 provides a bulk SDI gateway for both capturing and providing SDI video signals. The IPGM-6 offers up to six 3Gbps capable SDI inputs and six 3Gbps capable SDI outputs using two 10GE ports. What makes the IPGM-6 unique is its built in scaling capability, allowing the IPGM-6 to convert any resolution input or output to the correct SMPTE raster size required.

  5. Switch Fabrics
    • MMA10G-IPX Series: High Bandwidth 10GE Switch Fabric

      PDF Data Sheet

      The MMA10G-IPX 10GE switch fabric has been developed for high bandwidth, low latency AV routing with deterministic control, essential for routing high resolution video and audio. The MMA10G-IPX provides secure, worry-free networking with configurable access via MAGNUM. Using 10Gbps Ethernet ports the MMA10G-IPX offers true wire rate port speeds with zero contention at maximum bandwidth. The IPX employs SFP+ technology and therefore can support either 10GE fiber, 10GE copper or 1GE copper at each port.

      The MMA10G-IPX series is available in three sizes: 16, 32 or 64 port models. The MMA10G-IPX offers unmatched switch fabric bandwidth with up to 1.2Tb/s data throughput. The MMA10G-IPS-16 offers 16 SFP ports supporting 1 or 10GE and a 320Gps switch plane capacity in 1RU. The MMA10G-IPX-32 offers 32 ports supporting 1 or 10GE and a 640Gps switch plane capacity in 1RU. The MMA10G- IPX-64 offers 64 SFP ports supporting 1 or 10GE and a 1.2Tbps switch plane capacity in 3RU chassis.

    • MMA10G-EXE Series: Scalable 1/10/100GE Switch Fabric

      PDF Data Sheet

      The MMA10G-EXE with 46Tb/s of switch capacity in 40RU and 23Tb/s switch capacity in a 28RU, revolutionizes the facility router. With 2304 10GbE ports, the EXE provides unmatched flexibility and scalability for video transport over IP. The EXE non-blocking switch fabric supports up to 13,800 of uncompressed video.

      The EXE comes in a 40RU and 28RU frame size. The MMA10G-EXE-40 supports 2304 10GE ports in a 40RU with 46Tbps switch plane capacity. The MMA10G-EXE-28 supports 1152 10GE ports in a 28RU with 23Tbps switch plane capacity.

  6. Pooled Resources
    • MMA10G-HUB: In Room AV Switch

      The MMA10G-HUB is the latest product addition to Evertz' MMA-10G Network based AV distribution series. Evertz' MMA10G-HUB is a powerful HDMI router with 10GE extension ports enabling local routing to converge within the larger facility. The HUB can easily connect a single room to a facility, thereby unleashing a world of possibilities for collaboration, resource sharing and connectivity. Read More...

    • vScribe: Video Record & Playback

      vScribe is a powerful platform developed to meet the growing demands for mission critical live video capture. vScribe is a self contained solution that can simultaneously record multiple live video sources while maintaining time accurate logging of every frame of video. The video recorded using vScribe can be used to supply critical evidence of an event, as well as a video archive for keeping accurate historical records. vScribe is ideal for capturing and playing back live simulations, experiments, interviews and lectures. Read More...

    • MMA10G-VIP: Multi-Image Display Processor

      PDF Data Sheet

      The MMA10G-VIP offers multiview functionality with up to 16 or 32 inputs and up to 4 or 8 outputs, all via 10G streaming physical interfaces. The MMA10G-VIP displays inputs at any size, aspect ratio and position. MMA10G-VIP device accepts uncompressed video over 10G multiple links as sources; and outputs mosaic uncompressed or JPEG2000 (optional) encoded signal over IP.

    • 3480TXE Platform: Bulk Audio/Video Encoder/Transcoder

      Evertz' 3480TXE is a high quality video processing system that provides video and audio encoding/transcoding for live inputs to various media platforms. The 3480TXE platform is the most flexible video encoding /transcoding platform on the market today, providing high quality, high density H.264 / MPEG2 / HEVC* conversions.

  7. RoomIn5
    Room Control Made Simple
    The Challenge

    Room control has become very complicated to build, overwhelming to set up, and daunting to maintain. Ask yourself, does it need to be?

    We don't think a degree in computer science should be required for setting up and controlling different elements in a room. Evertz believes that setting up and controlling a room should be as easy as flipping a light-switch.

    The Solution

    Evertz has developed a simpler model that puts control back in the hands of the owner.

    Evertz' RoomIn5 has removed the complexity out of building room control UIs and simplified control by implementing an intuitive touch-based drag and drop gesture system.

    Achieve the Setup You Want in 5 Minutes
    Audio/Video Control
    Fully Customizable

    Powered by VUE (Evertz' modern, touch friendly, fully customizable control surface), RoomIn5 can be quickly tailored to suit your needs. Every room can be different. Simply open the widget tab and create layouts according to the features and devices located in your rooms.

    Environment Control Teleconferencing
    Unparalleled Interoperability

    RoomIn5 offers a robust system that communicates effortlessly with your devices.

    VUE VUE 10GE-MMA-HUB vScribe
    Centralize Your Enterprise

    Have a large number of rooms and facilities? Unlock even more possibilities using MAGNUM - Evertz' reliable and secure control system.

    Model Description
    MAGNUM-RC-2 MAGNUM Room Control. Supports one wired touch panel + one VUE-WEB licenses (BYOD)
    VUE-IN5-10A Large 10.1" colour touch screen. Dock-style tabletop stand, VESA-mount compatible
  8. Accessories
    MMA10G-SFP Series: 10GE optical SFP+ Transceivers

    PDF Data Sheet

    Evertz offers two different types of 10GE fiber SFP+ transceivers, a lower cost multi-mode SFP for short distance fiber deployments and a longer range single-mode SFP. All Evertz' MMA-10G products with 10GE ports support both types of SFP+ transceivers. Simply install the SFP+ module required dependent on the fiber plant constructed.

  9. Orchestration & Management

    Orchestration and Management of the MMA-10G AV distribution system is provided through Evertz' award winning suite of software. MAGNUM SDVN control system provides the live interactive communications with the devices, VistaLINK PRO provides the critical health monitoring of the system and Evertz' range of control surfaces make the system simple to work with at any level of experience.

    • MAGNUM

      PDF Data Sheet

      MAGNUM is Evertz' SDVN control system and performs orchestration over the MMA- 10G system allowing for unprecedented scalability. MAGNUM maps the entire MMA- 10G system and communicates with each element to provide the real time reliable control required in an AV distribution system. MAGNUM is the unifying control point in the MMA-10G system where all control surfaces communicate with MAGNUM to provide routing and system control.

    • VistaLINK PRO: SNMP Monitoring & Control Software

      PDF Data Sheet

      VistaLINK is Evertz SNMP networked monitoring software. All of the MMA-10G elements are SNMP enabled and report their status to VistaLINK PRO where from a single workstation the health of the entire system can be observed. VistaLINK is an enterprise grade SNMP management solution that monitors, controls and automatically analyzes failures in the system. VistaLINK PRO's graphical web client allows for intuitive visualization of a system with intuitive fault notification.

    • VUE

      PDF Data Sheet

      VUE is Evertz' modern, touch friendly, fully customizable control surface. VUE is available in a compact "cube" foot print and provides powerful control over the entire MMA-10G eco system. VUE's customizable work surface is based on a "widget" approach and does not require any scripting to build a totally unique control environment. The VUE-CUBE is a self contained hardware platform which accepts a single JPEG2000 or two H.264 over IP streaming inputs.

  10. Support

    Follow the links below to access Evertz frame builder utility. This frame builder can be used to customize the layout of modular cards within their respective frames. Save the frame layout and send it along with your system order to: orders@evertz.com or your EvertzAV sales contact.