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  1. MMA10G-HUB
    In Room AV Switch

    The MMA10G-HUB is an in room audio and video switcher that leverages Evertz' award winning SDVN Software Defined Video Networking technology. Evertz' MMA10G-HUB is a powerful HDMI router with 10GE extension ports enabling local routing to converge within the larger facility. The HUB can easily connect a single room to a facility, thereby unleashing a world of possibilities for collaboration, resource sharing and connectivity.

    HDCP, EDID & Dante

    The MMA10G-HUB supports the latest in HDCP and EDID technology and provides user friendly setup and management of HDCP rules and EDID table formats guaranteeing seamless integration into any project. The HUB offers support for Dante audio, where any of the local audio in the HUB, either from HDMI or analog can be sent or received from a Dante audio network.

    Feature Rich Web Interface & Simple API

    The HUB's feature rich web interface allows simple and intuitive configuration and setup of the product. A simple API allows for easy third party control over the HUB for easy integration into a room's control system. The HUB also uses SNMP to report faults, such as loss of audio or video and can send those faults to Evertz VistaLINK Pro NMS software.

    Powerful & Compact Design

    By offering up to eight HDMI inputs, four SDI inputs plus a range of analog audio in a compact 2RU form factor, the HUB is the perfect fit for many in room switching projects. Through the use of its 10GE network ports multiple HUBs can be connected together across the facility.

    Share, connect and collaborate using the MMA-10G platform

    Interconnecting classrooms, auditoriums and boardrooms has never been easier. Evertz MMA10G-IPX switch fabric allows you to simply connect one 10GE link between a gateway/Hub and centralized switch to easily share content across your facility for up to 32 rooms.

  2. PDF Data Sheet

    MMA10G-HUB Front View

    MMA10G-HUB Rear View

    MMA-10G Models
    Model Video Inputs Video Outputs 10GE Connections Audio
    MMA10G-HUB-4x2-2 1 DVI-I, 3 HDMI 2 HDMI 2 x 10GE 4 Analog In, 2 Analog Out
    MMA10G-HUB-4x2A-2 1 DVI-I, 3 HDMI, 2 SDI 2 HDMI 2 x 10GE 4 Analog In, 2 Analog Out, 32x32 Dante Audio
    MMA10G-HUB-8x4-4 1 DVI-I, 7 HDMI 4 HDMI 4 x 10GE 4 Analog In, 2 Analog Out
    MMA10G-HUB-8x4A-4 1 DVI-I, 7 HDMI, 4 SDI 4 HDMI 4 x 10GE 4 Analog In, 2 Analog Out, 32x32 Dante Audio
  3. Applications

    Evertz MMA-10G Network Based AV Distribution solution opens up a world of possibilities for a facility to connect, communicate and collaborate. A single MMA10G-HUB comes with all the tools necessary to provide an I/O rich video & audio switcher plus the power of 10GE to share video and audio to and from a single HUB. Take advantage of Evertz MMA-10G technology and upgrade from a traditional AV system to a powerful 10GE network based AV solution. MMA-10G allows you to expand and scale to an enterprise size without the worry of outgrowing your initial investment.